MDS Electrical Services are continually monitoring government guidelines and updating procedures accordingly to ensure the safety of our engineers and the households we attend.

Our electrical engineers are available for emergency and essential works.

Householders Instructions

• To inform us if any member of the household is self-isolating due to symptoms prior to our visit.
• Clean all door handles and touch points following the engineers visit.
• Open windows and keep the property well ventilated during and after our visit.
• Allow the engineer to wash their hands on entering and leaving the property where gloves cannot be worn.
• Clean sink engineer uses once he has left the premises.
• All occupiers will be required to house themselves in a separate room to the contractor whilst works are undertaken.
• If the above is not possible individuals must keep a distance of the recommended two metres from our engineers.

Engineers Instructions

• Follow government guidelines at all times. Engineers will be updated each morning with any new guidelines issues.
• Maintain 2 metres distance from residents, and others, at all times.
• Wear protective equipment provided at all times.
• Ensure occupier take themselves to a separate room from where you are working where possible.
• Ensure windows are opened and the property well ventilated where possible within the property you are working.
• Wash your hand when you enter a property and again when you leave where gloves cannot be used.
• If you need to engage with occupiers ensure a 2 metre distance is observed.
• Remind householders instructions they should adhere to.